Saturday, April 2, 2016

Over 60+ Android Games Infected With Malware


Security researchers discovered over 60 Android games on Google’s official Play Store are infected with malware.
According to Dr.Web’s security researchers these Android games are containing a malicious trojan namedAndroid.Xiny.
30 different developers were responsible for uploading these 60+ games which is infected with Malware. By downloading any one of these Games personal information of users who download are collected and sent to a remote C&C (command and control) server.
Once this data is collected and sent to the C&C server, based on the user’s phone specifications, the malware operator would tell the trojan to display ads on the user’s screen. It also downloads other malicious apps and infect the device.
It collects very reliable information including IMEI and IMSI identifiers, mobile operator information, country and language settings. It further collected the information of the OS version, MAC address of the phone, kind of memory card inserted into the device and the app from where the Trojan was getting all the information.


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